Saturday, 18 June 2016

Jack and Jill

A Jack and Jill story!

Jack and Jill went up the hill,


Ok Wait! Stop! Roll back!

The story begins,

They met by chance,

They talked by will,

They became friends by choice,

They got into relation by emotions.

It was a long distance relationship,
When Jill was hungry, she relied on Jack for online food.
When Jill had to travel,she relied on Jack for Ola Cab.
When Jill had a party,she relied on Jack for a dress.

And there were many other things for which Jill relied on Jack.
Jack was a very confused person, when Jack was confused, he relied on Jill for an advice.
When Jack was low, he relied on Jill to cheer up.

And there were many other things for which Jack relied on Jill.

They broke up by situations.

They became best friends (who could had been a better friend.)

And still,
When Jill is hungry, she relies on Jack for online food.
When Jill has to travel,she relies on Jack for Ola Cab.
When Jill has a party,she relies on Jack for a dress.

And there are many other things for which Jill relies on Jack.
Jack is a very confused person, when Jack is confused, he relies on Jill for an advice.
When Jack is low, he relies on Jill to cheer up.

And there are many other things for which Jack relies on Jill.

They helped each other then, they will be helping each other now.

Many of you must be thinking they were always just friendzoned. Was there love ever?

They loved each other then, they love each other now. They both have a choice not helping each other but, Jack mattered more than the relation for Jill and Jill mattered more than the relation for Jack.

They both lost a relation, but they both couldn't afford losing a person (Best friend).


The woods are lovely , dark and deep

But I have some promises to keep

And miles to go before I sleep

And miles to go before I sleep !!!

Monday, 28 March 2016

You and I

When you fall, don't cry
When you fail, don't cry
Neither cry when you're hurt
Or broken. You shouldn't cry

Freeze your tears
Hold on them till you can
And when you can't hold further
Melt them on a piece of paper.

Let the tears became the words
That guide you forever.
Let the tears come to some
Good cause.

Don't waste them on unworthy
Stuffs or incidents..
Some memories are just not worth
Your tears... your priceless tears.

There is no greatness in not falling
Rise after every fall
Your legs will shake,
Your hands will tremble
Your heart will beat
Sometimes too fast and
Sometimes too slow.

Bear with all these as it was part of
The game. You're not defeated,
You just lost. That's it.
You're not alone crossing that bridge
See those who're trying to cross the same

You're never alone.
God is with you.
Your fellow travellers
Would teach you how to cross the bridge.

Still, you're not a victim.
Don't give the control of your life
To someone or something.
Get up and fight your battle.

You're strong. Trust me dear.
Depression is a beautiful place to
Visit but a horrible place to stay
Just keep in mind.

Depression is awesome,
That's how our mind respond
When you neglect it.
It's also like us- Reactive.

Be a good master
And pamper your mind
You're not a patient who
Need a doctor. Rather
You're the doctor that your
Mind needs. It loves you and
Hates when you ignore it.

It's all in mind.
Whether sadness or happiness
Whether depression or hypertension
They are not dangerous
It's perfectly normal to visit them.

They teach us many lessons
Always put your mask before you
Are out helping others.
Love yourself without getting self-obsessed

You're on a beautiful journey
It's a game of snake and ladder
Depression is the snake and
Self Realization and Introspection
Are the ladders that would help you bounce back

It's just a me.

You're on a beautiful ship that
Hit an Iceberg. Or Rather
Found an Iceberg. It's all about how you
Perceive things.
Captain, things will be under control soon
The rough weather, the storm and the clouds

Can't hide your ship from exploring the horizon.

You're a fighter who never backs down.
You're a leader who has to be reminded
Of his Powers, his greatness.
You just need a hand...a spark

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Haale dil...:-)

Aaj ek baar phir uthi hai
Ye kalam kisi ke liye ;

Dekh us Chand ko, 
Vo Chand yaad agya ;

Jante hain ki won nhi hai humare liye,
Lekin ye dil hai ziddi unke liye,

Nai sabdon ki talash hai unke liye,
Tabhi ekaant mai aaj sabdon ko bulaya h;

Ek Sapna sajaya hai unke liye,
Na jaane kitni raatein bitayi unki yaad m,
Unke aane ke intzaar m;

Kabhi socha ki kahe de hale dil unko apna,
Par zuba ne rukh liya
          unki khusi k liye :-)

Monday, 18 January 2016

Despite having one of the largest users, India still lags in term of percentage of people having internet access,  only 20% compared to 50% of China and Brazil,
Thus the initiative by Facebook and reliance will definitely help in internet penetration but accomplished by major issues as well.

It violates the principle of net neutrality according to which all data on internet should be charged equally without any discrimination based on sites,users, content, platforms etc..

But though this initiative provides free access to only 38 websites which include almost every thing which a daily user use.
Again, user have no say in what website they will access to,  it is just discretion of the service provider with their commercial issue.

Free access to some website gives them advantage to promote themselves compared to others, thus in a long run a competitive disadvantage for others.  eroding the egalitarian nature of internet space.

Internet should be open platform where everybody has equal chance to succeed , restricting the number of sites will be disadvantage for whom they don't use those sites

Rural population got no focus as this scheme initially operate in selecTed metrocities which least need this service.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Just Like Other Weaker Sections, Is Cow an Innocent Victim of Politics and Religion in India?

Just Like Other Weaker Sections, Is Cow an Innocent Victim of Politics and Religion in India?

Are cows holy? Why Pig (or Boar), which finds its place prominently in Indian mythology, not made a Holy Creature? Is cow a weapon in the hands of vested interests to impose their political and religious agenda? Will saving cows save the poor? Some say that same concern is not shown towards dying farmer. Is religion more important than hunger? If poor can renounce privacy for a meal, why can’t compromise with religious belief to feed the poor?

Cow , a holy creature , well I don't understand why only cow is treated as holy creature , not buffalo or goat or pig or any other creature .. Are all others are not created by the god ?.. Or killing a god creature like a chicken or fish is exquisite but slaughtering of cow is illegal or its a crime more hilarious then  lynching a 50 year old man to death .
Do we really care for  COW??
If yes , we have three choices , first we can build Goshalas or Cow shelters , where the animal can be taken care of and we can use cow milk , cow urine and cow dung for its medicinal values, but the investment in this case is very high and returns are quite less and few of us can afford this .. our politician can easily afford that.. but for common people it is expensive proposition ...
Second choice , Ban Beef, stop farmers from selling cows and bulls to butchers, outlaw the culling of cattle , punish cow smugglers, declare all slaughter house illegal , punish them , lynch the people who eat beef justify them using holy arguments , and this all will result in large numbers of cow, bulls and oxen , being abandoned to simply wander the streets eating garbage , plastics and starving to death because choice one is unavailable .. It also destroy  industries and spread unemployment .. but it doesn't matter we want to save our holy cow ...
third choice ,  build local slaughterhouses near farms so that commercially unavailable cattle can be humanely culled nearby , without their having to endure great suffering while being transported in horrible conditions to distant slaughterhouses. this controversial suggestion was made by N.S Ramaswamy, founder -IIM ,Bangalore, and noted animal activist. 
so what to choose guys .. not option first because its too expensive and option third its useless , because we are conditioned that violence can do no good , so we left with option second , which has the advantage in that it gives people power. it allows them to terrorize and dominate Muslims and liberals. It gives them global attention and make them a focus of a controversy hungry media. It is rather than cow protection that go- rakshaks really seek. 
Their is no love for cow in go raksha brigade , its all about power , yearning to dominate  so a, all talk about the economic reasons for saving cow's and importance of cow milk , cow urine and cow dung are just rationalization for that single goal to dominate and reclaim masculinity .
Is Religion more Important then Hunger ??
we lives in a country where 32.7% of billion nation lives below poverty line not even earning a two day meal , where 23 lac application form is submitted for a 255 peon opening, unemployment is on its peak so don't we have more important reason to think about then religion . Religion is though important , our culture , billions of sentiments , our tradition is amalgamated in it...
India is a secular country , a diversified country having 22 official languages , different traditions , beliefs  and the world largest democracy , so what message we are giving to the world by lynching a old 50 year man .
 Isn't cow a weapon in the hands of vested interests to impose their political and religious agenda? 

Monday, 21 September 2015

Aaj phr vo yaad gayi....

Jisay hum kab se bhulaye baithye the...
Woh aaj phr se yaad Aa gayi...
Guzre hue lambhe aaj phr se yaad Aa Gaye....
Meri aakho ko aaj phr se bhar gayi....
Vo  aankho ke kale ghare...
Vo teri pyari pyari si muskan...
Vo pyara sa chehara tera...
Isi tarah Haas Haas ke baat karna tera...
Choti choti baat pe pareshan ho Jana tera...
Or mujhe dekhte hi khusi se muskarana...
Aaj vo phr yaad Aa gaya...
Kaas mai sab bhula paata... Kaas waqt ko wapas bola paata...
Vo waqt hi kuch or tha....
Vo mai bhi or tum bhi kuch or the...
Na mai tha na tum the tab vo hum the...
Kya pta tha ki kismat ham se aase Ruth jaayegi....
Kushi ki waja aaj aankho ko bhar jaayegi.... :'(