Monday, 18 January 2016

Despite having one of the largest users, India still lags in term of percentage of people having internet access,  only 20% compared to 50% of China and Brazil,
Thus the initiative by Facebook and reliance will definitely help in internet penetration but accomplished by major issues as well.

It violates the principle of net neutrality according to which all data on internet should be charged equally without any discrimination based on sites,users, content, platforms etc..

But though this initiative provides free access to only 38 websites which include almost every thing which a daily user use.
Again, user have no say in what website they will access to,  it is just discretion of the service provider with their commercial issue.

Free access to some website gives them advantage to promote themselves compared to others, thus in a long run a competitive disadvantage for others.  eroding the egalitarian nature of internet space.

Internet should be open platform where everybody has equal chance to succeed , restricting the number of sites will be disadvantage for whom they don't use those sites

Rural population got no focus as this scheme initially operate in selecTed metrocities which least need this service.