Tuesday, 11 August 2015

love is in mind

It is for those who have fallen in love once in their life ...so what love is .. I goggled LOVE  is a noun and a verb too ... "a strong feeling of sexual desire and sexual attraction for someone " its got lots of synonym too ..
oh my god...its in three figure ...a word of four alphabets have hundreds of synonym.. so what exactly it is ?..
I asked my friend , she said its nonsense... but she is suffering from  so called LOVE syndrome, fallen for three times ... but end with  its trauma.. more or less all youngsters are agonizing the same problem or what we call it love syndrome ... Isn't it Overrated...

Love is Blind , love is like a wind I cant see it but I can feel it , Love just need to be perfect it need to be true ... blah blah these fancy lines ...lets wait for the true once who will come in our life and will stay forever .. :P
I will always love you ... Do we ??.. ask yourself ??

When minds stop working and heart start feelings its love ..:P I too have plunged in its sea once.. Must of us I guess.. well its too not a harm we must ... those night less sleeps , huge phone bills ..:P , special feeling , butterflies ,guitar ... isn't it  ..:P

the best person of all people you know , best  person within your reach , no one understand you more than him or her .. and you  r nothing without them ... and what happen next ?...

they leave , leave for another best ... so its not heart that get trapped its always are mind which go for the better... its reality .. Isn't it??... ask yourself  .. when we went for shopping and  figure out something best and second best .. and if best is in our plate .. Do we go for the second best ??... until and unless we want too buy both.. so Do you think that human nature will compromise for the second best ??... if we cant compromise in clothes ...do you think we will do that in love ??...and what will happen if you come with a better option  or better options with better add on ... You will switch .. most of us...

life is race make yourself better and best .. true in case of love ... even in case of life .. someone comes in our life .. take a part of us and leave for the better ... falling for someone is not a solely heart's venture .. rather an interplay between our brain and heart .. and we blame our heart to be emotional  fool and always get trapped ..
thus having an eye candy or a crush is undoubtedly healthy but getting sentimental and loosing yourself ... is not all injurious or its fatal