Monday, 28 March 2016

You and I

When you fall, don't cry
When you fail, don't cry
Neither cry when you're hurt
Or broken. You shouldn't cry

Freeze your tears
Hold on them till you can
And when you can't hold further
Melt them on a piece of paper.

Let the tears became the words
That guide you forever.
Let the tears come to some
Good cause.

Don't waste them on unworthy
Stuffs or incidents..
Some memories are just not worth
Your tears... your priceless tears.

There is no greatness in not falling
Rise after every fall
Your legs will shake,
Your hands will tremble
Your heart will beat
Sometimes too fast and
Sometimes too slow.

Bear with all these as it was part of
The game. You're not defeated,
You just lost. That's it.
You're not alone crossing that bridge
See those who're trying to cross the same

You're never alone.
God is with you.
Your fellow travellers
Would teach you how to cross the bridge.

Still, you're not a victim.
Don't give the control of your life
To someone or something.
Get up and fight your battle.

You're strong. Trust me dear.
Depression is a beautiful place to
Visit but a horrible place to stay
Just keep in mind.

Depression is awesome,
That's how our mind respond
When you neglect it.
It's also like us- Reactive.

Be a good master
And pamper your mind
You're not a patient who
Need a doctor. Rather
You're the doctor that your
Mind needs. It loves you and
Hates when you ignore it.

It's all in mind.
Whether sadness or happiness
Whether depression or hypertension
They are not dangerous
It's perfectly normal to visit them.

They teach us many lessons
Always put your mask before you
Are out helping others.
Love yourself without getting self-obsessed

You're on a beautiful journey
It's a game of snake and ladder
Depression is the snake and
Self Realization and Introspection
Are the ladders that would help you bounce back

It's just a me.

You're on a beautiful ship that
Hit an Iceberg. Or Rather
Found an Iceberg. It's all about how you
Perceive things.
Captain, things will be under control soon
The rough weather, the storm and the clouds

Can't hide your ship from exploring the horizon.

You're a fighter who never backs down.
You're a leader who has to be reminded
Of his Powers, his greatness.
You just need a hand...a spark

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