Friday, 9 October 2015

Just Like Other Weaker Sections, Is Cow an Innocent Victim of Politics and Religion in India?

Just Like Other Weaker Sections, Is Cow an Innocent Victim of Politics and Religion in India?

Are cows holy? Why Pig (or Boar), which finds its place prominently in Indian mythology, not made a Holy Creature? Is cow a weapon in the hands of vested interests to impose their political and religious agenda? Will saving cows save the poor? Some say that same concern is not shown towards dying farmer. Is religion more important than hunger? If poor can renounce privacy for a meal, why can’t compromise with religious belief to feed the poor?

Cow , a holy creature , well I don't understand why only cow is treated as holy creature , not buffalo or goat or pig or any other creature .. Are all others are not created by the god ?.. Or killing a god creature like a chicken or fish is exquisite but slaughtering of cow is illegal or its a crime more hilarious then  lynching a 50 year old man to death .
Do we really care for  COW??
If yes , we have three choices , first we can build Goshalas or Cow shelters , where the animal can be taken care of and we can use cow milk , cow urine and cow dung for its medicinal values, but the investment in this case is very high and returns are quite less and few of us can afford this .. our politician can easily afford that.. but for common people it is expensive proposition ...
Second choice , Ban Beef, stop farmers from selling cows and bulls to butchers, outlaw the culling of cattle , punish cow smugglers, declare all slaughter house illegal , punish them , lynch the people who eat beef justify them using holy arguments , and this all will result in large numbers of cow, bulls and oxen , being abandoned to simply wander the streets eating garbage , plastics and starving to death because choice one is unavailable .. It also destroy  industries and spread unemployment .. but it doesn't matter we want to save our holy cow ...
third choice ,  build local slaughterhouses near farms so that commercially unavailable cattle can be humanely culled nearby , without their having to endure great suffering while being transported in horrible conditions to distant slaughterhouses. this controversial suggestion was made by N.S Ramaswamy, founder -IIM ,Bangalore, and noted animal activist. 
so what to choose guys .. not option first because its too expensive and option third its useless , because we are conditioned that violence can do no good , so we left with option second , which has the advantage in that it gives people power. it allows them to terrorize and dominate Muslims and liberals. It gives them global attention and make them a focus of a controversy hungry media. It is rather than cow protection that go- rakshaks really seek. 
Their is no love for cow in go raksha brigade , its all about power , yearning to dominate  so a, all talk about the economic reasons for saving cow's and importance of cow milk , cow urine and cow dung are just rationalization for that single goal to dominate and reclaim masculinity .
Is Religion more Important then Hunger ??
we lives in a country where 32.7% of billion nation lives below poverty line not even earning a two day meal , where 23 lac application form is submitted for a 255 peon opening, unemployment is on its peak so don't we have more important reason to think about then religion . Religion is though important , our culture , billions of sentiments , our tradition is amalgamated in it...
India is a secular country , a diversified country having 22 official languages , different traditions , beliefs  and the world largest democracy , so what message we are giving to the world by lynching a old 50 year man .
 Isn't cow a weapon in the hands of vested interests to impose their political and religious agenda? 

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